An innovative online service for aphasia rehabilitation:

  • Read and listen to the news in an aphasia-friendly way
  • Practice using a variety of language activities with image, audio, and video support
  • Play word and number games
  • Connect with SLPs and caregivers

If you you are interested in getting early access to our service:

Aphasia Simulation

Confused about what aphasia is and how it may feel to have it? In collaboration with the top aphasia experts we have developed an online aphasia simulation. Highly recommended for caregivers, family/friends, medical and nursing staff, SLP students...

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Community-driven, free resource for people with aphasia, caregivers, and speech and language pathologists. Each month we publish a couple of stories contributed by people with aphasia, caregives, and aphasia experts. Do you have a story to share? Contact us

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Aphasia Friendly: Words are More Like Cats than Dogs

Bayard Baylis (By, to his friends) wrote a wonderful essay on word-finding problems for people with aphasia. By's aphasia is mild, and...

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